First Week of May! New Tanks and a New Beer

Spyglass is starting May with a couple of new tanks, fermenters to be specific. We got an additional 10bbl fermenter (our brewing system is 10bbl - or 10 barrel…a barrel is 31 gallons). We also got a 20bbl fermenter for double batches (i.e. brew twice in one day to get 20bbls). This gives us 1.75 times the amount of fermentation capacity. What does all this mean? MORE BEER! Having an additional 10bbl (now we have 5 of these) lets us experiment more with hops and adjuncts by splitting batches into two fermenters and tweaking them differently without losing a brew week. Or we might brew a little more often. The 20bbl is focused on making more stuff that you really like, like Aurora, Vortex, Double Agent, Double Helix, and State Machine. And maybe even something that you haven’t had yet:). We have a little work to do to get them hooked up to our temperature control system, but we hope to be using these tanks within a week or two.

We are also starting May with a new type of beer for us. Our new Entanglement Sour Ale is available now with a whole lotta fruit - blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, to be specific. This is a tart and refreshing beer. The fruit flavor is right there, but it’s dry and not overly sweet, as the fruit was added during fermentation. It’s also a gorgeous color. We’re pretty psyched to be able to provide a little flavor counterpoint to our big juicy hopalicious NE IPAs.

Don’t worry, we still like those NE IPAs…rumor has it there’s some more advancing through our cellar pipeline.

So Happy May! Take a peek through the sliding door at our new tanks. They’re on the right side of the fermenter alley. And grab a taste of Entanglement. We think it’s an enjoyable introduction to sour ales.