Happy 6 Months Anniversary to Spyglass!

It was a pretty low key 1st half-birthday for Spyglass. We officially opened the doors 6 months ago on a Friday night on October 19, 2018. It seems like ages ago. It’s been an interesting half-year for us. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit our taproom during that time. We’ve met a lot of really wonderful people since we opened, and had a lot of fun making beer for a great community of customers.

It was a great day to be pouring growlers of Double Helix!

Looking back, we’ve gone from 2 days open each week to 3 days a week. There have been a few boutique canning runs. Four stouts, three blonds, two saisons, a pale ale, and even a few IPAs, most of them hazy NE style. It’s been great sharing different explorations into the NE IPA style - we love trying new hops, new grain, and even some yeast varieties.

Thanks to all of our customers for being such nice people. Both to each other and to us and our families. And thanks for enjoying our beer, sharing it with your friends, and telling people about us. We never imagined how much energy we’d draw from your passion for fresh local beer.

Spyglass Brewing Company