Hey! New Beer! Welcome to Vortex and Descent

Things keep moving along in the back room at Spyglass. We have a two-pronged offering this week that we hope you’ll enjoy. One is a new addition to our array of New England IPAs (and DIPAs in this case) called Vortex, and the other is Descent, an imperial stout that we brewed in early January and finished this week, almost two months later.

We are big fans of New England IPAs, and have been experimenting with different aspects of the basic ingredients of grain, yeast, and hops. In Stack Trace we leaned heavily on malted oats, in Aurora, we used a very different yeast, and we have used a variety of hops in most of our IPAs. With Vortex, we turned all the hop knobs up to 11 in the flavor and aroma additions and backed off on the early additions for bitterness.

Our initial stout offering, the milk stout pair that was Dark Matter and Convergent, we found a dedicated audience of stout lovers among our customers. We wanted to see how people liked a bigger imperial stout, so we filled our mash tun pretty close to the top with a giant pile of grain in the first week of January. The farmer who takes our spent grain had some very happy cows that week. We patiently waited for the yeast to get through its work and then added a bunch of maple syrup to the fermented stout as well as conditioned it with roasted pecans. The result is Descent, an imperial stout. Note that it contains nuts.

We’re pretty happy with the way these two beers turned out and hope you like them as much as we do!