State Machine - DDH Citra is back available in growlers

We’re pretty excited to have a new batch of State Machine w/Citra…

…that means growlers are available again, so you can have some SM-C, aka #6, while watching “the Big Game”. Or before. Or after. Or instead of. Or as many of the above as you like - even if some of #6 is in one room watching the game and some more #6 is in another room not watching.

We are still dialing in our brewing schedule to satisfy the demand for faster-moving beers like State Machine and Double Helix, while still trying to bring out some other interesting beers - Stack Trace and Stack Trace w/ElDorado for instance.

There are some more familiar things in our fermenters as well as a few new things, so we should have some entertaining weeks ahead.

Spyglass Brewing Company